Of course, it will be terrible to have your book up on the platform and while you’re making a lot of sales, you have no idea how to get your earnings in your bank account. Don’t worry, this post has got you covered.

You must already know that for every sale of your book, you get an instant email notification telling you the book that was sold, the amount, and what has been paid into your OkadaBooks account. You also get a monthly email report on the first day of every month, listing all the sales you made for the month, the book title, the countries they were bought from, and your OkadaBooks balance details.

Please know that you only get the above information if you’re an author or publisher who has published on our platform. However, if your book price is set at zero naira, you wouldn’t get notifications for daily downloads. You only get a monthly report of all your downloads. Also, please know that OkadaBooks takes 30% from every sale you make. And as the author, you keep 70%.

You’ve made sales, and you want to withdraw your earnings? Read below:

How do you go about it?

  1. Log in to your account http://publish.okadabooks.com
  2. In your dashboard menu, click on “SALES.”
  3. In the page that opens, click on WITHDRAW FUNDS at the top-right corner of the page.

If you get a notification saying “you can only withdraw funds if your current Balance and funds available for withdrawal is ₦5,000 and above”, it means you haven’t reached the withdrawal threshold. OkadaBooks minimum payout is 5,000 naira (formerly N10,000). This is to avoid excessive bank charges.

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If you are outside Nigeria, you’ll get your funds through PayPal. If the withdraw button is disabled for you, please forward your monthly report to services@okadabooks.com with your bank account number for Nigerian accounts or PayPal email address for international users.

Please know that you must have a minimum of N5,000 balance from your book sales before requesting for funds withdrawal.

What More?

From experience, it is best to use a computer while signing in to withdraw your funds, because a few notifications that your lite browser will not display might pop up. These notifications are important.

PS: The above only applies to authors who have made money from sales, as only money from sales can be withdrawn. This does not apply to readers.

So, guys, that is how OkadaBooks pay authors. Do you have more questions concerning this? Please drop them below. And I will respond.